Commitment and sponsoring

Packing automation and handling on the one hand, mountain biking on the other: how do they go together, you ask? We think: perfectly. When you take a closer look they have a great deal in common. 

First, there is the passion for what we do – which is essential for all those who want to achieve more than the average. Nothing less will do, either for KRÖNING or for the athletes sponsored by the company. Former professional cyclist Erik Zabel puts it in a nutshell: "Competitors are there to be beaten." 

In addition, being dedicated engineers, we are fascinated not only by the mechanical precision of the bikes, their amazing robustness, but also by the flexibility of the riders to adapt to the individual competition tracks in a very short space of time and to make the right decisions. Even though you can benefit from experience and good physical condition, each race starts at zero. We know this situation: each new job our customers give us challenges us to find the best way from the start to the finish line.

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