Our philosophy

We know the industry. And we know the challenge your company faces: your products have to meet highest quality standards, while pressure to keep costs low requires lean production processes and a minimum use of resources. KRÖNING's claim is derived from this: to develop tailor-made packaging solutions which help you get ahead at all three levels. 

When you decide for KRÖNING, you say goodbye to mediocrity and short-lived interim solutions. Admittedly, you will have to invest a little more than for a mass product – but your savings significantly outweigh this. And you get the benefit of the long product life that German-made engineering solutions are known for. 

To meet your high quality standards, the entire value-added chain is kept in-house, so we have every single step in the manufacturing process under control. Thanks to a balanced mix of young and experienced employees, our workforce has a treasure of knowledge and expertise. This is where the priceless experience of several decades' experience in the industry meets the quest for knowledge of a new generation, who are well-trained and very familiar with future topics such as robotics. And all KRÖNING staff young or old have taken in the three top-ranking virtues on our scale of values: cost awareness, customer orientation, absolute adherence to schedules. 

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