Our Portfolio

One thing before we start: we do not just build any odd machine, we build the very machine you lack. The solutions listed and described below are just some examples of how we solve customer-specific tasks. They demonstrate what is technically and economically feasible. It is possible that in your case a completely different solution is needed. We are prepared for this: exceptions are the rule at KRÖNING.

Complete lines

Interface problems are now a thing of the past for you. KRÖNING is your single-source supplier of complete product lines which are 100 percent suited to your needs. The individual components are perfectly matched and their interplay is optimised with a view to your processes. Learn more about successfully completed projects in this area. [ Continue ]


It has become hard to imagine automation processes without robotics. Robots ensure high flexibility at a low cost and have a positive impact on handling processes, quality and availability. KRÖNING is your first contact when it comes to implementing robot systems. We avail ourselves of ABB's vast know-how and their extensive product range. [ Continue

System solutions

An individual system solution: it sounds so everyday, but it is a new challenge every time. After all, each task is different. We are your partner when solutions are to be found which go beyond standard options. Want to know more about our reference projects in this area? [ Continue ] 

Packaging technology

We don't view ourselves as standard machine manufacturers, but rather as experts for special packaging tasks. Our range of products and services begins where off-the-shelf solutions do not get you any further. We offer you a broad product portfolio from primary packaging to the final stages. Depending on the actual application, we develop a solution on the basis of conventional mechanical engineering or robotics. [ Continue ] 

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