Automatic product feeding to a wrapping machine

Initial situation

The delicate hollow chocolate figures are fed into the system lying unsorted on a transport belt. 


Once they are picked up from the belt, the hollow chocolate figures must be inserted the right way round, precisely and – most importantly – gently into the negative moulds of the wrapping machine. 


Brief description

The hollow chocolate figures [1], which lie unsorted on the product belt [9], are detected by a camera [2], their position and orientation is determined and the information is sent to the delta robot [3]. This robot takes the hollow chocolate figures gently off the belt using a vacuum gripper and places them in the intermediate position [4]. In this position, another camera [5] takes a side view of the hollow figures and checks their angle of rotation. This important piece of information is passed on to the subsequent 6-axis robot [6], which can then pick up the product from the intermediate position [4]. Before this is done, a third camera [7] scans the hollow figures in the intermediate position [4] for breakage and impurities. Unsatisfactory products are ejected. After the quality check, the 6-axis robot picks the flawless hollow figures with its gripper and puts them on the rotary plate [8] of the wrapping machine. The cells [10] can be used to pick different products independently from one another – all equally gently.


  • Products susceptible to marking and scratches
  • Products susceptible to breakage
  • Products constantly moving on the transport belt
  • Complete integration of the wrapping machine including format set handling
  • High production speed

Advantages of the system

  • Gentle product handling and ultra-precise placement on the plates of the wrapping machine
  • Detection of breakage in the intermediate position
  • Five independently operating systems
  • Different products can be processed on all of the systems
  • Manual product feeding option
  • Tool-free format set change-over

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Version: dev